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Why is the air conditioner in my car not working?

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy some heat and have fun outdoors. Sometimes the heat can get too overwhelming and when that happens, you’ll want to turn on the air conditioning. Unfortunately, the first thing you feel might not be a rush of cool air. Read on to learn why the air conditioner in your car isn’t working!

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There are a few causes for an air conditioner blowing warm air. The first cause could be low refrigerant, which is the most common problem. This could be because of leaks or failed components. If that’s not it, it’s possible that the clutch cycling switch has failed, which will halt the electromagnetic clutch on the air compressor from operating correctly. Another possible cause could be that the condenser is blocked or broken, which may be the result of debris buildup. This will prevent cold air from blowing through the vents.

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Vehicle air conditioner repair in Bloomington IN

Whether your vehicle’s air conditioner is blowing warm air or no air at all, bring it in to Royal South Mazda in Bloomington IN. Our team of automotive technicians are skilled in multiple areas and can help find the cause while also offering a solution. Don’t settle for a broken A/C system this summer; allow us to take care of it for you! get in touch with the team here at Royal South Mazda today to learn more or schedule a service appointment right here on our website.