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Where Can I Find Buffet Meal in Bloomington, IN?

Best Places to Have Buffet Food in Bloomington, IN  

Are you someone who cannot decide on what you want to eat? Well, you do not have to choose anymore! Visit a buffet restaurant where you can enjoy a spread of delicious food without having to decide on the entrée, main, and dessert. If you live in Bloomington, IN area, then check out the list of buffet restaurants put together by the Royal South Mazda team. All these restaurants serve different cuisines; thus, everyone will find what food they prefer. Scroll down and learn more.  


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Top 4 Buffet Places in Bloomington, IN  

Turkuaz Café: If you want to try something new and different, you must visit the Turkuaz Café. This cozy place serves traditional Turkish dishes and coffee as well as has a small Mediterranean grocery. The staff is friendly, and their food is delicious. This place is worth visiting next with your friends and family.   

My Thai Café: Thai food is loved by many all around the world. If you like Thai food or you want to try it, then do visit My Thai Café. It is an authentic Thai restaurant serving a wide variety of Thai dishes for lunch dinner. Their staff has several years of experience in the hospitality industry. So, what is the wait for? Stop by today and enjoy a scrumptious meal.  

Taste of India- A family-owned restaurant that serves Indian food. They predominantly offer North Indian cuisine, but the Taste of India is the only place in Bloomington that serves Southern Indian cuisine. You can enjoy an overflowing lunch buffet of ageless cuisine from the other side of the world.  

Aver’s Pizza East- Aver’s Pizza East has been serving pizza to the pizza lovers of Bloomington, IN, for the past 20 years. They offer gourmet pizza as well as have pizzas with unique toppings. So, if you are a pizza lover, then visit the pizza joint with friends and family.  

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So, what is the wait for? Get into your vehicle and drive to your preferred restaurant to enjoy a hearty buffet. Also, keep following the Royal South Mazda Blog.  

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