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What is the Name of the Song Playing in the Mazda “Feel Alive” Commercial?

It isn’t too often that we are inspired by a television commercial but if you have seen the recent Mazda “Feel Alive” commercial you may have gotten goosebumps sent shivering down your spine.  In a simple 30 second advertisement Mazda reminds us that life is too short to feel suffocated by expectations and invites all to express our unique and extraordinary self’s and “Feel Alive”.  This inspiration has driven Mazda to design and create the award-winning 2018 model class.   If you haven’t seen the commercial or were wondering what the name of the song playing in the “Feel Alive” commercial is, you can watch the commercial and the official video for “Outro” by M83, the song in the commercial, below.

Mazda “Feeling Alive” Commercial & Song

The name of the song playing in the 2018 Mazda “Feeling Alive” commercial is called “Outro” by M83 which is an Electronic-Rock Band from France. Other successful songs from M83 include “Midnight City” from 2011 and the recent “Go!” Take a look at the cool and intense video for their song “Outro” right here.

If you haven’t yet seen Mazda’s “Feel Alive” commercial you can take a look at it below. And, you can follow Mazda USA on YouTube® to keep up to date with all the latest vehicle news and releases as well as the newest commercials too.