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Transmission fluid is an important part of your vehicle!

What happens if you drive a car without transmission fluid?

The key to a vehicle’s longevity is to have it serviced regularly, ensuring that all the fluids are properly filled and functioning as they should. When most people think about fluids needed for vehicles, the first that comes to mind is oil. While oil changes are certainly essential, they’re not the only important fluid in a vehicle. Transmission fluid is also an important component of a car, and driving without it can be bad news. Read on to learn what happens if you drive a car without transmission fluid!

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Transmission is often a forgotten part of your vehicle, but it’s an important one. Transmission fluid is used to lubricate the gear-shifting components in the transmission. Like everything else, the quality of transmission fluid weakens over time. Factors that can hasten the deterioration of transmission fluid include extreme temperatures or aggressive driving habits. It’s recommended that you replace the transmission fluid anywhere from 50,00 to 100,000 miles, but sometimes a higher-quality transmission fluid can last up to 150,000 miles. If you wait too long to change the transmission fluid, you’ll likely encounter issues such as transmission failure and trouble shifting gears. If the transmission fluid looks darker than usual or you notice a grinding noise while driving, it may be time for a transmission flush.

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