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How Long Do the Warranties on My Mazda Vehicle Last?

What Does My Mazda Warranty Cover?

Mazda makes some of the most fun-to-drive and beautiful vehicles on the road today thanks to their KODO: Soul of Motion Design strategy along with the efficient performance of their SYKACTIV® engine lineup.  Mazda also stands behind each and every one of the vehicles that they produce with a strong warranty that includes a New Vehicle Limited Warranty, a Limited Powertrain Warranty, and 24/7 Roadside Assistance.  We hope that you never have to employ any warranty coverage on your Mazda car or SUV but in the rare instance that something malfunctions on your Mazda it is important to know exactly what is covered within your Mazda Warranty Package and you can get all the details of the Mazda Warranty below.

What are the Year & Mileage Limitations of My Mazda Warranty?

All late model Mazda vehicles receive and New Vehicle Limited Warranty, a Limited Powertrain Warranty, and a 24/ 7 Roadside Assistance.

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The New Vehicle Warranty covers all defective workmanship and parts that were supplied by Mazda.  This warranty is also transferable to the subsequent owner of the vehicle and covers all Mazda vehicles sold and serviced in the United States.  All materials, workmanship, and components of the powertrain are covered under the Limited Powertrain Warranty which is also transferable for all Mazda cars and SUVs sold and serviced in the U.S.  24/7 Roadside Assistance is provided if your Mazda vehicle is undrivable due to a failure of a warranted part either under the New Vehicle Limited Warranty or the Powertrain Warranty and towing service will be provided to the nearest Mazda service station.

All Genuine Mazda Parts and Accessories are also covered under warranty for all Mazda vehicles manufactured in 1996 or later and lasts 12 Months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first, from the date the part or accessory was installed on your vehicle.  All Genuine Mazda Brake Pads & Shoes come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty, this warranty is non-transferable and only covers the original owner and owners are also responsible for any labor costs associated with the installation of new brake components.

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