Mazda Dashboard Warning Lights Defined, text on an image of colorful "low tire pressure" warning lights

What Do the Dashboard Warning Lights Mean in My Mazda Vehicle?

Mazda vehicles are adorned with the irresistible KODO: Soul of Motion design as well as the powerful and efficient SKYACTIV® drivetrain that customers have been falling in love with.  And, although Mazda vehicles are designed and engineered with the highest level of precision and quality occasionally things can malfunction on your Mazda car or SUV.  Whether it be from everyday wear and tear or harsh driving elements such as volatile weather or rough roadways the Dashboard Warning Lights in your Mazda vehicle are in place to alert the driver to the cause and severity of the problem occuring.  Watch the video below that explains what all of the dashboard warning lights mean inside Mazda vehicles.

As you have learned from the video, Mazda makes it easy to understand and diagnose the issues that arise in your Mazda vehicle thanks to their easy to understand dashboard warning lights. You can learn more about Mazda safety features by clicking on this LINK