gas, brake, and clutch pedals in a vehicle

Choosing the right brake pads

What are the different types of brake pads?

The braking system in your vehicle is extremely important. The difference between a healthy set of brake pads and a poor set of brake pads could ultimately be the difference between life and death. Below, we’ll discuss the three different types of brake pads so you can find the ones that work best for you.

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Organic brake pads

These are probably the most common types of brake pads, as they come standard in about two-thirds of new vehicles sold. These are the cheapest of the three types of brake pads, but with that comes the least-effective performance of the three.

Ceramic brake pads

Ceramic brake pads have a lot of advantages for the typical daily commuter. They offer great performance in mild weather conditions and will be the quietest of the three brake pads. However, these are also the most expensive, and they don’t perform as well in extreme weather conditions or for sports cars or heavy-duty vehicles. They are best for conventional vehicles.

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Metallic brake pads

Price-wise, metallic brake pads are right in the middle. They are great for performance vehicles and they can withstand more extreme weather conditions unlike the other two. However, they are definitely the noisiest of the three and also create more strain and wear on the brake rotors, which also leaves more brake dust behind.

Which set of brake pads are right for me?

The type of brake pads you choose depend on what you want out of them. If you just want a cheap set, stick with organic brake pads. They don’t perform the best, but they will save you some money. Conservative drivers who aren’t looking to go racing and who want a quiet ride will benefit the most from ceramic brake pads. For exceptional braking in extreme weather conditions or for a performance-minded driver, metallic brake pads make the most sense.

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