car driving through a car wash

Which car wash is right for me?

Soft touch vs touch-free car wash

The winter months are perhaps the most crucial when it comes to washing your car. The salt on the roads can cause your vehicle to rust if it’s not taken care of properly, which makes car washes even more important. There are two different types of car washes to choose from – soft touch and touch-free – but which one is a better fit for you? Learn more below!

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vehicle driving through automatic car washAutomatic car washes usually have one or both of these two types of car washes available. Soft touch car washes used to be a little more risky, but thanks to advanced computer-controlled pressure and softer felt-cloth rollers, they’re generally considered safe for most vehicles. The exception is for vehicles with long antennas or other parts that stick out and make it hard for the sensors to pick them up. The soft wash car washes will give you a more thorough wash than the touch-free wash.

So who is the touch-free wash right for? Drivers who have components sticking out may want to opt for this one, as it will likely be safer and you won’t have to worry about the rollers ruining parts of your vehicle. Additionally, while soft-touch washes are generally considered safe, they can still cause some drivers to get a little anxious about the possibility of scratches or damage. If that’s the case, touch-free washes may be your best bet. The combination of high pH alkaline soap and low pH acid works wonders to break down dirt and grime while using a high-pressure water system to rinse it off.

The type that’s right for you depends on you and your comfort level. If you have a vehicle with parts that stick out, a touch-free wash will work best. However, a soft-touch wash will give you a more thorough clean. Learn more by contacting us here at Royal South Mazda!