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Introducing Mazda Connected Services in the Latest Mazda Models

What is Mazda Connected Services? 

Mazda Connected Services offers plenty of ground-breaking functions, like remote charge stop/start for electric vehicles and remote engine start/stop for internal combustion engines. This app can also turn your Mazda into a mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot. Mazda vehicles come packed with a long list of innovative entertainment, convenience, and safety technologies. For example, dual-zone automotive control systems help keep the interior temperature comfortable, while premium audio systems provide top-quality sound.  

Mazda’s commitment to providing the best possible experience for drivers and passengers is evident in every vehicle they produce. At Royal South Mazda in Bloomington, IN, we have a tutorial video on how to use a smartphone to set up your in-car Wi-Fi through the My Mazda app. Read on to find out more about this helpful feature. 

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Check out the video tutorial below to better understand how the app works. 

The Mazda Connectivity Package is a subscription-based service that provides additional luxury and convenience to Mazda drivers. The package uses Wi-Fi to connect to a mobile device and provides access to local points of interest, fuel prices, traffic updates, and weather forecasts.  

Connected Services offers a much more comprehensive range of options and functions than traditional key fob-activated remotes. You can control features like Engine Start/Stop, Door Lock/Unlock, and Lights On/Off. It’s essential to keep up with regular vehicle maintenance; these services help monitor your fuel levels, odometer readings, and tire pressure. Always double-check that your lights are turned off and that your doors and trunk are locked before leaving your car. 

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