How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter Weather

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter Weather

Winter Weather Driving Tips 

Fall is here, and Winter will be on its way soon. With it will come snow and fog filled skies, slippery roads, and cold mornings. Getting up for work, it’s important that you have a reliable vehicle that gets you from A to B. It’s time to combat the cold and make sure your vehicle is suited up for all that Winter brings. Here at Royal South Mazda, we’ve made a handy guide to help you through the tough storms ahead. Here’s how to prepare your vehicle for Winter weather. 

Emergency Kit 

It’s possible that you might be stranded somewhere because of car troubles or weather so severe it’s not safe to drive through. In such a case, it’s very smart to have an emergency kit packed. An emergency kit should have supplies to help fix your car and keep you warm and safe in the cold weather. Examples of what to include are: Jumper cables, flashlights, a blanket, gloves, snow boots, an extra coat, non-perishable snacks, a tow rope, flare gun, and anything else you think is a good idea to include. 

Snowy Road

Icy Road

Oil, Coolant, and Antifreeze 

You should have your oil changed twice a year. The best times to do so are in the Spring and Fall, before the extreme weather of Summer and Winter. Before Winter, you may also consider switching to an oil with a lower viscosity. Along with oil, it is imperative that you check your engine coolant and antifreeze levels.  A proper coolant mix keeps your engine running well, and adding antifreeze will prevent your engine from freezing. 

Maintain Fuel Levels 

Cold weather will damage your vehicle. Your job as a driver and car owner is to minimize that damage as much as possible. The more gas that is in your tank, the easier it will be for your car to start up. The more gas in your tank also lessens the chance of your engine freezing and damaging. Try to always have your car’s fuel tank at least half full. 


Finally, to make sure your vehicle is going to last through Winter, you’ll want to bring your car in for a check-up. If there’s any problem hiding in your car, you’ll want it know prior to the snow and cold so you can fix it before it causes serious damage to your vehicle. Going in to an auto shop, your priority should be to have your brakes and tires checked, but it’s also quite important to have a mechanic take a look at your battery, heater, defroster, headlights, brake lights, and wiper blades. If you live in an area of heavy snow, it might be a good idea to have snow tires installed.

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We hope these tips have been helpful. Make sure to follow these steps and have a safe Winter when out on the road. If you’d like to learn more about driving tips, or are looking to buy an award-winning Mazda, check us out at Royal South Mazda. Give us a call or stop in for a visit. We’re here and ready to help with all of your automotive needs.