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What is that sound in my car?

Five car noises you shouldn’t ignore

Our vehicles make a lot of sounds with all the components they have, so you might not always give much thought to a new sound coming from the car. However, there are some sounds you shouldn’t ignore, as they may be a sign of some vehicle trouble. Take a look at five different car noises you shouldn’t ignore.

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woman driving a Mazda vehicleHissing or chirping sound

If you notice hissing or chirping from the engine, it could very well be because a catalytic converter is plugged or that a vacuum has leaked. These can damage your vehicle and are also fire hazards.

Rattling wheels or rattling steering wheel

Heavy vibrations like this are a clear sign something is wrong. It could mean anything from a loose lug nut to low power steering fluid, or even damage to the steering column.

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Squealing/grinding brakes

This is a pretty frequent one. Brake pads are built so that once they are worn down too far, they will create a squeaking sound. This means it’s time to get new brake pads.

Rumbling in the exhaust pipes

If you notice rumbling or a popping sound in the exhaust pipes, it could mean there’s a leak in the fuel injector or a hole in the muffler. This could cause dangerous fumes to get into the passenger compartment.

Engine whirring during acceleration

Accelerating puts a lot of pressure on your vehicle, and if you have worn out joints, parts needing lubrication, or a faulty torque converter, you may experience this sound. A whirring engine is yet another reason to consider getting your vehicle checked out.

It’s better to get any malfunctioning parts of your vehicle fixed sooner rather than later, as these damages could add up. Schedule a service appointment here at Royal South Mazda in Bloomington and trust our team to assist you!