Best Haunted Houses Near Bloomington, IN

Best Haunted Houses Near Bloomington, IN

Horrifying Halloween Events 

October is almost over! Before Thanksgiving and Christmas, make sure you celebrate Halloween to its fullest! The best way to do so is taking a trip to a horrifying haunted house! Here at Royal South Mazda, we’ve found the best ones in our area. Here are the best haunted houses near Bloomington, IN.

Searching for 2018 Halloween Haunted Houses?

Barn of Terror 

If you’re thirsty for a night of fright then there’s no better place to get your scare on than the Barn of Terror. Celebrating ten seasons of scares, you’ll be haunted through exploration littered with ghouls and creatures of the night, while also having time for the high-octane thrills of zombie paintball. 

The Haunting at Shireman Homestead 

Out in the barren country, no one can hear you scream. In abandoned woods, farms, and mines you’ll find your worst nightmares come to life. And all are out to get you. Not to mention the Headless Horseman, roaming about for new victim.

House of Trepidation 

With a massive 20,000 square foot area filled with 3 giant indoor attractions, the House of Trepidation is a frightful place built for all of the horror enthusiasts out there. Filled with vengeful spirits who lost their lives in the halls, they’re out for revenge for whoever dares to enter.

When Darkness Falls 

Take a long, haunting walk through the woods encountering creatures and monsters galore. Not for the faint of heart. Be wary when walking among your greatest nightmares.

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We hope you have a ton of fun this season and throughout the rest of the year! If you’re ever in need, give us a call or stop on down to Royal South Mazda. We’re here and ready to help with whatever you need. Have a Happy Halloween and stay alive through the thrills and chills!