2022 Mazda Miata exterior top view

Did You Know Mazda Actively Participates in Racing?

Video: Why Does Mazda Race?  

Racing is at Mazda’s very core and DNA, which fuels their challenging spirit. Since 1968 Mazda has been working hard on building lighter, faster, and nimbler cars. They have one of the most comprehensive racing development programs in the world. From grassroots to the pinnacle of sportscar and Indycar racing, the automaker helps drivers climb the ladder and back them on every step. To get a clear idea about Mazda’s participation in racing, continue reading and watch this YouTube video by the Royal South Mazda team in Bloomington, IN.  

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Scattered racing cars at a racing circuit.

Watch the Video Snippet of Mazda’s Spec Miata Drivers from June Sprints 2021

How Does Mazda Help Their Spec Miata Drivers For June Sprints?

Mazda has a different fan base when it comes to motorsports. Mazda Motorsports is a different entity adhering to Mazda’s integrity and value to develop and inspire young racing enthusiasts. At Royal South Mazda in Bloomington, IN, we are excited to share that Mazda Motorsports had recently released a video snippet of their Spec Miata drivers during last year’s June Sprints, trained and sponsored under Mazda’s Grassroots Club Racing Program. Continue reading to know more. 

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Loan Approved written with a man pointing a finger in the background

Get Auto Financing at Royal South Mazda Even if You Have Bad Credit!

Can I Get an Auto Loan Despite Bad Credit in Bloomington, IN?  

With all the new Mazda models coming onto the market, you are not wrong to want to upgrade your vehicle to a brand-new one. However, it can be challenging to secure an auto loan if you have a bad credit situation. Fortunately, Royal South Mazda of Bloomington, IN, offers loans to customers with less-than-stellar credit scores. Check out this blog post to learn what you need to do to apply for an auto loan with us.   

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2022 Mazda CX-9 side view

Where Can I Find Vehicles with Three-Row Seating in Bloomington, IN?

Vehicles With 3rd Row Seating Near Bloomington, IN  

Fascinatingly new automotive concepts have been designed over the years due to a lot of competition in the market. Families are attracted to larger vehicles so that they can comfortably travel with their loved ones. Individuals looking for a car with third-row seating can opt for a Mazda model. These vehicles have an extensive list of comfort and convenience features to fit into your lifestyle. Read ahead to know more about the latest Mazda models available at the Royal South Mazda dealership in Bloomington, IN.  

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Mazda vehicle tires

Where to Get a Tire Service for Your Mazda in Bloomington, IN?

Get Quality Mazda Tire Service in Bloomington, IN  

A vehicle’s performance and ride quality depend on the quality of the tires. The vehicle’s owner must ensure the tires are in the best shape and optimal condition. If you are looking to get your Mazda car tires replaced or rotated, visit us at Royal South Mazda for quality tire services near Bloomington, IN. At our dealership, we have a team of experts to take the best care of your Mazda tires. One of the main highlights is that original equipment tires are used to make your Mazda perform exceptionally well. Continue reading to learn more about the Mazda tire service in Bloomington, IN.   

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An image of the technicians working at the Mazda Service Center.

What are the Unique Services provided by Mazda Digital Service?

Discover Mazda Digital Services 

A new vehicle comes equipped with smart technology to keep you connected and on track. With Mazda Digital Service, you are provided a digital service option where you get all kinds of maintenance and repairs on your vehicle. With our exceptional sense of customer service and new and improved digital tools, you can book our service appointments online. Join us at Royal South Mazda in Bloomington, IN, and discover more about digital service for your new Mazda vehicle. 

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