2019 Mazda6 vs 2019 Ford Fusion

2019 Mazda6 vs 2019 Ford Fusion

In a sad fate for the Fusion, Ford has announced that they will be discontinuing all cars from their lineup (except for the Mustang) in the near future. While that may be bad news for Fusion fans, it’s an opportunity for models like the Mazda6 to shine even brighter. By now, it’s no secret that Mazda is changing the game and is climbing the ranks with popular models like the Mazda6 to get the respect it deserves. Here at Royal South Mazda, we have a wide variety of models available including the Mazda6. Our customers appreciate the care and effort we put into keeping them well-maintained, though the real winner here is Mazda for the outstanding work they do into adding a bounty of luxury features without jacking up the price. Check out this comparison between the 2019 Mazda6 vs 2019 Ford Fusion!

2019 Mazda6


2019 Ford Fusion

187 hp Horsepower 173 hp
29 mpg Combined Fuel Efficiency 25 mpg
14.7 cubic ft Cargo Capacity 16 cubic ft
5 Seating 5

Highlights in the 2019 Mazda6

The Mazda6 and Fusion actually have a lot of similarities, so it can be difficult to decide which of them is actually the clear cut winner here. However, there are some obvious advantages in the Mazda6 that may make that model appeal to more drivers. For starters, it has more horsepower than the Fusion. While it’s not too much more (14hp more), it’s still the preferred number by drivers who want a sportier driving experience. Perhaps most impressively, Mazda didn’t give up any fuel efficiency to get these numbers. In fact, despite offering more horsepower than the Fusion, the Mazda6 actually gets better overall fuel efficiency than its Ford counterpart. That is some intelligent engineering done on the part of Mazda. On the other hand, if you like having more cargo space in the trunk, the Fusion does have 1.3 cubic feet more. However, that number probably isn’t enough to outweigh all the fuel savings you’ll experience by driving the Mazda6.

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