Signs that your car battery needs to be replaced

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Will the cold weather make my car battery die faster?

The winter season can really wreak havoc on your car. Not only is it tough to drive out there on the ice and snow, but even getting your car to start can be a challenge sometimes. Indiana winters are no joke. Unfortunately, the cold weather can make your car battery die faster than normal.

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Make no mistake – your car battery will have a hard time withstanding the winter chill. In fact, dead or dying car batteries are the number one cause for roadside assistance calls in the winter months. This issue is even worse nowadays with all the electronic components that are available in new vehicles. Your seat warmer, phone charger, interior lighting, etc.; it all adds up to a battery draining faster than normal. While a car battery typically lasts three to five years, the lifespan will likely be on the lower end with more electronic features in your vehicle.

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Signs that your car battery needs to be replaced

At just 32 degrees, your car battery will be about 35 percent weaker than normal. At 0 degrees, it will be a whopping 60 percent weaker. This will result in the battery dying faster than normal. The following are telltale signs that your battery needs to be replaced soon:warning triangle next to broken down car in winter

  • Headlights are dim when idling but get brighter when you rev the engine
  • Grinding or clicking sound when you turn the ignition
  • Slow cranking sound when you start the vehicle
  • Battery is already at least three years old

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It’s best not to put off your automotive issues until the last minute. If you think it may be time for a new car battery, bring your vehicle in to Royal South Mazda in Bloomington and let us run a battery test for you. If the battery is weak, we can replace it with a new one for you. Schedule a service appointment with us today to get started!

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